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What is MyQuickCloud?

MyQuickCloud is the remote desktop software that allows multiple, simultaneous users to access computers and desktop applications from anywhere.

Whether you need to access your computer remotely, share your desktop software with clients and colleagues, or take one of our cloud servers; our easy to use application will have you, your colleagues and your clients all working together seamlessly.

Why MyQuickCloud?

  • Bring remote offices together into a single working environment
  • Remotely access business applications and data from multiple devices, securely
  • Access Windows desktops and applications from Mac OS and Apple iOS devices
  • Use on premises systems or managed cloud servers to create your own custom or hybrid cloud
  • Safely extend applications to outside contractors and co-workers

Check out the MyQuickCloud Product Sheet to get the details or read the Getting Started guide to see how to set up your cloud in a few simple steps

Product Sheet Getting Started

Build your own cloud
Use your own IT infrastructure to build your own cloud or take one of our cloud servers
Share your applications
Make your applications available to simultaneous users without disrupting one another
Virtual Desktop
Create a new or connect to an existing Windows desktop
locally or remotely without the need to installany drivers with the MyQuickCloudPrinter
Virtual Application
Share your applications with your users
You can connect to your host via
any Windows, Mac, iOS or Android device
File TransferEasily
copy and paste files between
connected computers, even between PC and Mac
Create shareable folders and grant permissions to specific users
Quick setup
Be up and running in minutes,
especially with our Getting Started guide
Expert support
Our dedicated, in-house support
team are here to help
Simultaneous multi-user
Users have their own sessions, their own private documents. No disrupting the host computer or taking over the screen