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Update QuickBooks Versions

Update QuickBooks Versions
A new version of QuickBooks is released approximately every year. A new version adds new features and improvements. Intuit charges a fee for the purchase of a new version. Contact Intuit for current prices.
After the new version is installed, QuickBooks asks you whether your data file should be updated to the new version. By typing “YES”, QuickBooks automatically updates your file to the new version. Once the file is updated, you can no longer open the data file in the previous version.

Maintenance Releases
Intuit occasionally creates maintenance releases for an existing version of QuickBooks. A maintenance release usually corrects problems in QuickBooks not discovered until after distribution of a new version. Also, Intuit might add features that were not available at the time the version was distributed. Intuit does not charge a fee for maintenance releases.
To determine the current version and release of QuickBooks, display the Product Information

-Display the Product Information Window
1) Press the F2 key or hold down the Ctrl key and press 1 on the keyboard.

Getting Maintenance Releases
You should download the current maintenance release of QuickBooks. The update must be installed on every computer that will run QuickBooks in a multi-user system. Updates can be shared with other users in a multi-user environment. There are three ways to get the latest maintenance release.

1) Get updates automatically, via the QuickBooks Update Service. By turning on the Automatic Update feature in the Update QuickBooks window, QuickBooks will automatically download a new maintenance release when available.
2) Check for and download updates using the QuickBooks Update Service when you want. You should check for updates once a month to keep QuickBooks current.
3) You can also download the latest maintenance release from the QuickBooks website. Then, you can manually install the maintenance release using the on-screen instructions.

-Turn On/Off Automatic Update
1) Select Help:Update QuickBooks from the menu.
2) Click the Options tab.
3) Click the Yes or No button next to Automatic Update.
4) Click to select the appropriate updates in the Update QuickBooks window.
5) Click Save.
6) Click Close.

-Check for and Download Updates
1) Select Help:Update QuickBooks from the menu.
2) Click the Update Now tab.
3) Click the Get Updates button.
4) Click the Yes button when exiting QuickBooks (if prompted).
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