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What’s New in QuickBooks 2019?

As Intuit is shifting investments back to the desktop edition, we will start to see more enhancements and features roll out! This year you will be seeing the message shift to helping your client find the best QuickBooks option for their needs rather than forcing a one-size-fits-all approach. For 2019, the QuickBooks Desktop product team focused on overhauling the current features to improve the functionality and workflow. After doing a “test run” with the new update I have highlighted some of the top improvements that will be in the QuickBooks 2019 update. Unless otherwise noted, the following changes will appear in all QuickBooks Desktop editions.
1) Sick & Vacation Time Tracking Is More Reliable
2) Inventory Enhancement — MY FAVORITE UPDATE!
3) Invoice Tracker Improvements
4) Transfer of Credits for Customers and Jobs
5) Check to Pay Bill
6) Easy Upgrade Simple 2-Step Process
7) Easy Moving QuickBooks to a Different Computer
8) Backup Your Data File Using the Feature: Intuit DATA PROTECT
9) Condensing Your Data File
10) Enhanced IIF Import
11) Batch Feature Plus PACK & SHIP Added to the Sales Order Worksheets!

Reviewing these features will help you get ahead of the curve to help you make the most of new upgrades to QuickBooks 2019! In 2018, the new Sales order tracking feature was released and as they kept developing the warehousing features and added the Purchase order tracking, they rolled it out during in 2018. We expect the new enhancements and features to keep rolling out in 2019 as well.